Affiliate Program
Becoming a QiGames Studio Affiliate is simple, free and will bring to your site a great deal of traffic (online version of our games) and profit (sales of download version)!
Follow these easy steps to become an affiliate:
  1. Please go to the RegNow Affiliate Signup Page. RegNow is the company that handles the payment transactions for the sales of our games. RegNow also makes sure that you get your 30% commission when a customer buys a full version of one of our games via your website!
  2. After you have completed your quick sign-up at RegNow, please go to the Relationship Detail Page to become part of QiGames Studio's Affiliate Program. Before accessing this page, you will have to enter in your RegNow login information (you must have received it by email). Once you are logged in, you will find yourself on the Relationship Detail Page. Once on this page, you will have to press the "Join Now!" button. You are now a QiGames Studio's affiliate!
  3. Now to start our partnership go to our games for your site page and get the affiliate package for the game you want to showcase. Follow the instrucions on the README file inside of the package to correctly setup your version of the game.
If you have any question concerning the affiliate program or the setup of your version of the game, please contact us at: info[at]